Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

From Mike Penuel (my cousin, Christine's, husband)
- Leather Skull Cap w/US Flag design
- $30 gift card to BestBuy

From Mom & Ronnie
- Carolina Hurricanes practice jersey w/Mike Commodore's name & #22 on the back
- Jack Daniels pajamas
- fifth of Jack Daniels (an annual tradition)
- "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" t-shirt

From my Aunt Gail and her husband Bill
- Sauceman's Gourmet Nuts (Chipotle flavor)

From my sister Ursula and her husband Andy
- $30 gift card to Ruby Tuesday's restaurant

From my fiance Roxanne and her family
- Assorted T-shirts and A-shirts
- Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines (PC Game)
- A Christmas Story 2-disc special edition (DVD)
- Mighty Ducks trilogy (DVD)
- Southpark talking keychain
- Remington personal trimmer
- jar of Jelly Belly jelly-beans
- Bag of Holding

For those items that I couldn't find links or pictures for online, I'll try to break out the digital camera later.
~ JC

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