Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007 Christmas Haul

from Mom & Ronnie

Burgundy Fleece Jacket

Dockers Shoes (Glacier Dark Tan size 11; exchanged for Shelter Dark Tan size 12)

Pint of Jack Daniel's Whiskey

from Ursula & Andy

Golf ball shaped coin bank

from Uncle Bob

$100 bill (used part of to purchase Dockers Shoes [Shelter Black size 12])

from Roxanne and the Harris Family

Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Nike Cold Weather Golf Gloves

Box of TopFlite D2 Feel golf balls

Slap Shot (DVD)

CHIEFS hockey jersery (fictional team from the movie Slap Shot)

Shrek the Third (DVD)

$25 gift card to CircuitCity

Mission: Cook! My Life, My Recipes, and Making the Impossible Easy by Chef Robert Irvine (hardcover)

Bloodlines: The Story of Urza's Destiny (Magic: The Gathering Artifacts Cycle #4) by Loren J. Coleman (paperback)

Myth-ing Persons/Little Myth Marker 2-in-1 by Robert Asprin (paperback)

Box of assorted Jelly Belly jelly beans

Foam practice golf balls in a candy cane shaped tube

Giant Hershey's chocolate bars (Special Dark and Milk Chocolate w/Almonds)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just a quickie for now

Well my dear readers, it's been weeks since I last regaled you with my blogging prowess and words of wisdom and ranting. Alas, this installment of "Carlisle's Thoughts" will be a bit lacking in all that as I seem to be in a bit of a area of writer's block. I have some ideas, but none for which the words flow like dollars from a stripper's garter just yet. But maintain the patience, for by year's end I'm sure I'll have had enough of all the holiday bullshit to let loose with a rant or three. Until then, Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!

~ JC

Sunday, October 21, 2007

True Confessions of a Krispy Kreme Addict

I love donuts! I mean really love donuts. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the very best are Krispy Kreme chocolate covered creme filled donuts. Their sugary goodness call my name whenever I drive past the Krispy Kreme or walk by theme in the grocery store on my way to the milk section. To resist their siren song is damn near impossible, for they are my downfall.

It's true that I know they are "bad" for me. They are full of sugar and fat, but that's what makes them so good! My addiction knows no bounds for though I am partial to the chocolate covered creme filled variety, I will gladly scarf the wonderful goodness of the traditional glazed, the jelly filled, and make it a point to try the donut of the month whenever possible.

And, like a crack dealer on a street corner, I have designs on addicting the younger generation. I will be that uncle who takes my niece and nephew to the Krispy Kreme and returns them to my sister on a mad sugar rush that will surely cause the destruction of the house and laugh with glee and my sister goes insane yelling at the children to "Stop that!" and "Put the bird cage down!" I have even vowed that my dear niece shall have a chocolate covered creme filled donut of her very own on her first birthday (complete with candle, of course).

"What about Dunkin' Donuts," you ask? Ah, I remember the days of my youth when Uncle Bob would bring me a dozen assorted "Munchkins." Such was the beginning of my donut addiction, but none can top the tender goodness of Krispy Kreme. Just pass the milk and watch your fingers!

~ JC

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Carolina Renaissance Festival 2007

Just got back this evening from the Carolina Renaissance Festival in Huntersville, NC. It was awesome! I'll share more later when I'm not so tired. I uploaded pics to my Picassa web album which you can view by clicking here. I tried several times to upload them on MySpace, but I kept getting I/O errors even when trying to do them one at a time, so I'll try again later. Besides, I'm still waiting on Roxanne to get the pictures she took off of her camera so I can upload them as well.

I also have a video I took of a Bagpiper, but I'm going to have to trim it a bit as it was a little to large to upload on MySpace.

~ JC

Saturday, October 06, 2007

That Just Sucks!

For the first time in four years, Roxanne and I both have a shared weekend off that coincides with one of the weekends that the annual Carolina Renaissance Festival is going on. Of course, it just figures that Lowe's Motor Speedway, which is in the same vicinity as the Festival, is hosting the Bank of America 500 that same weekend so every hotel in a 50 mile radius is booked and/or outrageously priced. I had considered just driving up and back in the same day, but it's about a three-hour trip one-way, so I don't think that would be plausible (especially if we go in full Renaissance garb). Mayhaps we'll get lucky and we'll have another shot at it before the Festival ends on November 18.

~ JC

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that the Festival opened October 6 and we were planning on going on the weekend of October 13-14.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Double Bloggin' (the future of my internet rants & writings)

Well, I finally went and did it; I sold out and created a freakin' MySpace page. I guess what I'm going to have to do from now on when I feel the urge to blog is to write it out in Edit Pad and then paste it into MySpace and into Blogger. So, I'll be double bloggin' from now on. I feel so ashamed, LOL.

~ JC

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Getting better (or just lucky) @ Golf

I managed to break 100 on Saturday for a round of golf... I shot a 97! Ok, so the course was only a Par 60 so I was still +37, but I only lost 4 balls to the water-hazard-gods. ff34d

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I was bored, so...

I took this stupid quiz


Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Geocities Sucks!

Ok, a couple of days ago I was getting really fed up with Earthlink's FTP software not uploading the changes I was making to Carlisle's Chaotic Corner. I finally got so irritated that I said, "Fuck it! I'm moving everything to Yahoo! Geocities." Boy, was that a mistake. After spending a few hours changing code on every page in my site and using Geocities crappy one file at a time web based upload device, I finally got everything transferred.

Then yesterday I get this in my Yahoo email:

Dear GeoCities customer,

Usage of your Yahoo! GeoCities account was recently identified to be in violation of the GeoCities Terms of Service, and the site and GeoCities account associated with Yahoo! ID (jecarlisle) have been closed.

Your web site was identified as containing logic redirecting viewers to another site. The GeoCities Terms of Service states that you cannot use your GeoCities home page (or directory) as storage for remote loading or as a door or "signpost" to another home page, whether inside or beyond Yahoo! GeoCities. For more information, please see the Terms of Service at

If you feel that your account has been shut down in error, please contact Yahoo! GeoCities Customer Care at

The Yahoo! GeoCities team

What a crock of shit! They make it sound like I was trying to sell Amway or something! So I had to spend another couple hours this morning changing code again and moving it all back to the Earthlink server. Hey, their FTP my be crappy and take several minutes to actually show the changes, but at least I don't get stupid ass emails and a bunch of Fascist Assholes deleting my stuff on a whim!

~ JC

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sometimes it hits close to home...

"Soldier is killed in blast"

I don't personally know the soldier in this story, but it's still close to home as he was the husband of my step-father's sister. It's possible I may have met him once or twice (like at Mom & Ronnie's wedding). You just never think that it'll happen to someone you know, or someone who even knows someone you know. Keep our troops in your prayers and the civilian workers as well.

~ JC

Monday, June 25, 2007

This one's for Jimmy

This one is for my buddy, Jimmy Calhoun. He and his wife recently drove down from Cary to Fayetteville just to hang out for a bit and catch up on old times. We got to talking about how he once commented on how he knows everything is ok with me because I haven't blogged in months and that I only seem to blog when I need to rant about something that pissed me off. So, Jimmy, this blog is for you, my friend. No, it's not a pissed off rant, it's just an entry so I can say I updated my blog. Oh, and so Jimmy's name can be in print on the internet (he loves that).

Until I have something else to say,

~ JC

PS. I did link to Jimmy's blog above, but speaking of needing to update a blog... Jimmy, at least update you location dude!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Championships, Illness and Smoking

Well, first of all, my hometown low-level minor-league hockey team, The Fayetteville FireAntz won the SPHL President's Cup last week by defeating the Jacksonville (FL) Barracudas 3 games to 1 in a best-of-five series. It is the FireAntz first championship in franchise history, which spans five seasons and three different leagues. It is also the first professional sports championship for Fayetteville, NC in 51 years; the last team to win a championship here was the Fayetteville Hilanders, a single-A minor league baseball team, in 1956.

During the course of watching the FireAntz win the President's Cup, I took ill with a case of the flu (and possible sinus infection - but I'm to stubborn to go see a doctor and have the infection confirmed). It's been a rough week as I pulled a six day straight work schedule during my illness which made it very difficult to get enough rest to kick the thing.

But, there is an upside to having been so sick; it's forced me to finally quit smoking! For several days I was
unable to actually smoke. I would just puff on the things but couldn't inhale, and they tasted horrible! So, Saturday, the half a pack I had left got shitcanned and I haven't bought any since. So, wish me luck that I'm able to maintain the willpower to not even so much as bum a smoke off of someone else.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Feeling Lucky

Perhaps I'll buy a lottery ticket this weekend. Why not? I'm feeling lucky. Yesterday I won a bid on eBay for the very first time, and today I won tickets to the FireAntz playoff game for Saturday night by being caller #9 on Rock 103's radio give away. Previously I had never won an eBay bid and so had pretty much quit trying, and I've never called a radio give away. But I took the risks on both in the past two days, and so I'm thinking "Hey, maybe it's time to give the lotter a chance." What have I got to lose? I mean, I don't have to buy a ticket to the hockey game now, so I could use the money I budgeted for that to buy lottery tickets... you can't win if you don't play!

~ JC

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Say Uncle!

Yesterday, my sister gave birth to Leilah Marie Suitt, making me an Uncle. Leilah was 6lb. 12 oz and 21" long.

It's hard to imagine that my "baby sister" just had a baby and that I'm now an Uncle. This Saturday will be four years that Roxanne and I have been together and in August it will be four years that we've been engaged. I think maybe it's time to really start planning the wedding. I'm 35 now and my cousins both have children, my sister just had her first child, and I'm not even married yet. I think it's time to stop fucking around and finally grow up and start my own family.

~ JC