Monday, June 25, 2007

This one's for Jimmy

This one is for my buddy, Jimmy Calhoun. He and his wife recently drove down from Cary to Fayetteville just to hang out for a bit and catch up on old times. We got to talking about how he once commented on how he knows everything is ok with me because I haven't blogged in months and that I only seem to blog when I need to rant about something that pissed me off. So, Jimmy, this blog is for you, my friend. No, it's not a pissed off rant, it's just an entry so I can say I updated my blog. Oh, and so Jimmy's name can be in print on the internet (he loves that).

Until I have something else to say,

~ JC

PS. I did link to Jimmy's blog above, but speaking of needing to update a blog... Jimmy, at least update you location dude!
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