Thursday, April 26, 2007

Championships, Illness and Smoking

Well, first of all, my hometown low-level minor-league hockey team, The Fayetteville FireAntz won the SPHL President's Cup last week by defeating the Jacksonville (FL) Barracudas 3 games to 1 in a best-of-five series. It is the FireAntz first championship in franchise history, which spans five seasons and three different leagues. It is also the first professional sports championship for Fayetteville, NC in 51 years; the last team to win a championship here was the Fayetteville Hilanders, a single-A minor league baseball team, in 1956.

During the course of watching the FireAntz win the President's Cup, I took ill with a case of the flu (and possible sinus infection - but I'm to stubborn to go see a doctor and have the infection confirmed). It's been a rough week as I pulled a six day straight work schedule during my illness which made it very difficult to get enough rest to kick the thing.

But, there is an upside to having been so sick; it's forced me to finally quit smoking! For several days I was
unable to actually smoke. I would just puff on the things but couldn't inhale, and they tasted horrible! So, Saturday, the half a pack I had left got shitcanned and I haven't bought any since. So, wish me luck that I'm able to maintain the willpower to not even so much as bum a smoke off of someone else.
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