Sunday, October 21, 2007

True Confessions of a Krispy Kreme Addict

I love donuts! I mean really love donuts. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the very best are Krispy Kreme chocolate covered creme filled donuts. Their sugary goodness call my name whenever I drive past the Krispy Kreme or walk by theme in the grocery store on my way to the milk section. To resist their siren song is damn near impossible, for they are my downfall.

It's true that I know they are "bad" for me. They are full of sugar and fat, but that's what makes them so good! My addiction knows no bounds for though I am partial to the chocolate covered creme filled variety, I will gladly scarf the wonderful goodness of the traditional glazed, the jelly filled, and make it a point to try the donut of the month whenever possible.

And, like a crack dealer on a street corner, I have designs on addicting the younger generation. I will be that uncle who takes my niece and nephew to the Krispy Kreme and returns them to my sister on a mad sugar rush that will surely cause the destruction of the house and laugh with glee and my sister goes insane yelling at the children to "Stop that!" and "Put the bird cage down!" I have even vowed that my dear niece shall have a chocolate covered creme filled donut of her very own on her first birthday (complete with candle, of course).

"What about Dunkin' Donuts," you ask? Ah, I remember the days of my youth when Uncle Bob would bring me a dozen assorted "Munchkins." Such was the beginning of my donut addiction, but none can top the tender goodness of Krispy Kreme. Just pass the milk and watch your fingers!

~ JC
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