Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Blog is going to Suck

This one's going to suck. Yep, I'll admit it. Today I'm writing for “shits & giggles” with no topic, no direction, no plan. Just typing away for really no good reason. I started blogging a few years ago, eventually moving into a weekly format, then back to sporadic, and now trying to get back into a weekly format. The problem with trying to do a weekly format, especially when your blog has no central theme (it is called Chaotic Commentary after all), is picking a subject every week. There are thousands of blogs on the Internet. There are gaming blogs, technical blogs, political blogs, religious blogs, etc. I never wanted mine to become that specific. Ergo, I have tried to write about different things every week. Now, though, it seems like I am at a point where I may have to start repeating topics. I really did not want to end up doing that, but I suppose there are only so many topics out there that I am familiar enough with to be able to write about. I guess repeating subjects is not really a bad thing, I just do not want this to become stale. So for today, this blog sucks because it's about absolutely nothing. But I figure, if I do not write something, even something that sucks, I could lose the rhythm of writing and that would be worse than the risk of repeating myself. See you next week.

~ JC
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