Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Week in the ATL

Just so no one thinks I've abandoned Carlisle's Chaotic Corner, I figured I'd bestow on you my adventures thus far since my move from Fayetteville, NC to Atlanta, GA. First of all, I headed out of NC on October 3, arriving in Atlanta around 2pm. Not a bad drive, just long and boring as I-20 West has nothing much to look at but trees for miles and miles.

Upon arriving at my buddy's house where I'll be living for the next several weeks as I procure employment and my own apartment, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Sunday is one of two gaming nights. Thus, that evening I found myself immersed in rolling a new character in the role playing game known as Tribe 8, and being introduced a great bunch of fellow gamers with which I've become fast friends. Now, I had never even heard of Tribe 8 prior to that night, but so far I really enjoy it (I'm sure I'll be blogging more in depth in next couple of weeks).

The remainder of the first week was taken up with unpacking and setting up my computer (Monday), finding a Wachovia to deposit my final paycheck from the job I left in NC (Tuesday) and getting my bearings. Tuesday's trip to the bank also lead to discovering an OfficeDepot which was hiring, so I picked up an application and had interviews on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (they use a three interview process). Monday (October 11) I headed over to a place called Labcorp to do a pre-employment drug screening test, the results of which should be available by Wednesday (October 13). So, just like that, in less than two weeks, I've found a job down here – a process that was meeting with absolutely no headway back home (as in, not even so much as getting an interview from applications submitted). So far it looks like my decision to head into the dirty south was a wise one.

Since being down here I've also had the opportunity to play my first game of Warhammer 40k, start walking one to two miles a day to get my fat ass in shape, and generally just see a lot more opportunity for personal and career growth down here than where I was. All that's left is to find a good coffee shop near by, and I'll be set. The only downside is, I miss my fiancée terribly and wish she was here with me, but all in due time.

So, now that I've started getting a routine established, I'll get back to writing a weekly blog. As usual, it'll remain eclectic and chaotic in its very broad span of topics that never really seem to go together, but hey, I like writing and sometimes the process helps keep me sane.

Until next time,

~ JC
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