Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Just Felt Like Writing

Ever seen 'Forest Gump'? Of course you have... almost everyone has, and extended cable plays it every other weekend. Anyway, there's a segment in the film where Forest decides to go for a run and he runs and runs and runs, so much so that people think he's on some sort of quest, or protest or trying to make a statement of some kind. But all he ever says is, “I just felt like running.” Well, that's pretty much this blog for me. I just felt like writing. No agenda. No political statement. No real point. Just felt like writing, like I used to do every Sunday morning.

Funny thing about feeling like writing though is, thinking of something to write about. I mean, a blog should have a point right? A topic, a theme, a thesis... something. But, not today really. The only point is I wanted to write. The act of writing is rather cathartic for me, so I write, even when I have nothing to say.

The new job goes well. Still learning the ropes, a bit slower than I'd personally like to, but management seems to be cool with what I've accomplished so far. My fiancée is making plans to move down to Atlanta within the next few weeks and continues her job search in the area. The hunt for a house, or better apartment, is underway with a few decent leads. Bills are paid and I still have enough money in the bank to last me until the next pay day. In short, for the first time in a very long time, I'm feeling pretty confident about the future.

~ JC
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