Sunday, March 11, 2012

Channels, Channels Everywhere

For the first time in over a year, I have full access to cable television. I have blogged a few months ago about how I really didn’t miss television all that much, so I have to admit that it’s a bit strange having it again. It’s not so much that I felt an overwhelming need to have cable again as much as it was actually cheaper to sign up for cable and internet instead of just internet. I realize that sounds contradictory, so I’ll explain.

When we were getting all our ducks in a row for the move a couple of weeks ago, one of things I needed to do was order utilities to be turned on for the new place. In this day and age, internet access is almost as essential as having electricity, water and gas. After comparing packages between both Comcast and AT&T U-Verse, I decided to go with AT&T. Initially, I was just going to order internet access and not worry about television, but the package deals they offer simply made more sense than getting just internet by itself. See, if I had ordered just internet, I would have ended up paying close to $250 in activation and installation fees. By ordering a package that included both internet and about 270 channels of television (plus HBO and Cinemax free for the first three months), the installation was free and the activation fee was waved. So, mathematically speaking, it just made more sense, at least in terms of initial cost.

The other upside is that the package I ordered did not require a contract, so once the six month introductory price is up, I can easily change it to be a smaller package of channels (ones that we actually watch, for example) without penalty.

For now, I have 270 channels, only about twenty, so far, that I’ve put on the “Favorites” list. In some ways, it’s kind of nice. At least now I can watch Morning Express with Robin Meade while I have breakfast again. And, of course, having a DVR so I can record things and watch them when it’s convenient for me is nice too.

~ JC
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