Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shaking My Head

Silliness and bullshit seem to abound this week. First, there’s the infamous passing of North Carolina’s Amendment One, which made same-sex marriage wholly illegal in that state (as though it weren’t already). Then there’s the story of the Catholic school that forfeited the championship game because the opposing team, gasp!, had a girl on their team. And of course, there’s the pastor, also from NC, who seemingly encouraged fathers to strike their sons if they see them acting effeminate.

It just seems that the U.S. is devolving into a nation of whiners, complainers, haters, bigots and the like. The ultra-conservative religious types try to curtail the civil liberties of non-ultra-conservative-religious types, while the ultra-liberal types cry about their civil liberties while simultaneously trying to prevent the ultra-conservative-religious types from practicing their religion. And in the end, neither side wins because neither side is able to see that they’re both wrong! If something offends you, ignore it - don’t look at it, watch it or read it. But don’t assume to tell me or anyone else that they can’t either.

Life in this country, simply put, has become entirely to political. And gods help you if you don’t have an opinion, because then you get to be a pariah to both the liberals and the conservatives and accused of being a ‘fence sitter’. Not everything is black and white people. Believe it or not, there are shades of grey and what is truth for you, isn’t truth for everyone else. Get over yourself.

As far as the gay marriage thing is concerned - well, Foamy puts it pretty damn well, so I’ll let him explain it:


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