Sunday, August 18, 2013

You Want How Much Money Just To Make Hot Water?!

About a month ago I wrote about using a Aeropress Coffee Maker and abandoning the old school drip coffee maker for my morning cup of java (the drink, not the programming language). I also mentioned that I had discovered that the old coffee maker got the water sufficiently hot, the recommended temperature being around 175° F. The thing is, it’s getting about time to replace the drip coffee pot. It’s starting to get hard water deposits in the tubing, the panel on the front that marks what each button does is starting to peel off. Plus, since it’s only being used to make hot water these days, it’s taking up unnecessary counter space. So I’ve been looking at electric tea kettles, which take up less counter space and essentially are built for making hot water and also have temperature control features.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered how much these damn things cost! The thing about my coffee pot I love is that it has a timer on it. I can pour in the water and set the timer for 5:00 AM and go to bed, and when I get up at 5:30 AM, there’s already hot water (or in the past, coffee) waiting for me. So far I’ve found one... one electric tea kettle that has a timer as well as temperature control.

Seriously? $250 to make a pot of hot fucking water? Sure, I’ve found some for cheaper, but they don’t have the timer nor a “keep warm” option. The model pictured above would be ideal, but sweet dear and fluffy Lord, why the fuck is it so expensive when all it does is make hot water? The coffee pot I have was only $20 and it has a time - ok, so it doesn’t have temperature control, but I don’t see how that in conjunction with a programmable timer justifies the price being 12.5 times as much.

I guess I’ll keep looking, or maybe just buy a less expensive model and one of those old school plug timers like folks use for their lights when they go on vacation and just plug into that. Or maybe I’ll just keep using the coffee pot to make hot water.

~ JC
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