Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ben Was Right... Mostly

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” - Benjamin Franklin

Now, I don't know if the above quote is accurate or apocryphal, but I have to agree with it wholeheartedly. Beer has been around for thousands of years, believed to date back to as much as 6000 BCE. I really do like beer. In the past year I've become a bit of a beer snob, even, preferring imports and micro-brews to the more common domestic brands.

Unfortunately, and to my dismay, I've recently discovered that I can no longer drink it. The last few times I've enjoyed a nice cold brew, or two, I've awoken the next day to nausea, headache and just generally feeling like total shit. Now, naturally, I'm sure you're first thought is, “Well, you drank to much is all and had a hang over.” I'd agree with that except that it just happened yesterday after having one beer on Friday night. One, and maybe a half. So, not even two beers, and not even a buzz resulted in me being in bed sick all day the following day. Compare that to my being able to have several mixed drinks (Whiskey and Diet Cola or Rum and Diet Cola being the most common), which I tend to make rather strong without having the same sickness the next day and the conclusion ends up being that it's not the amount of alcohol, but something else within beer that's making me sick.

I hate that beer has become something I can no longer enjoy. It's certainly cheaper than liquor and there are so many different varieties that I was hoping to try. I have no clue what it is about beer that makes me so sick, I just know it makes me a little sad that I can no longer enjoy this blessing from God.

~ JC
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