Sunday, February 26, 2012

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere

This week I'm moving from Decatur, GA to Alpharetta, GA. While that may seem like a big deal, they're only about 25-30 miles apart and both part of the Metro-Atlanta area. One is “ITP” the other “OTP”. One is in Dekalb County, the other in Fulton. And most importantly, one takes an hour or more to get to work from in rush hour traffic, the other five minutes.

It's hard to believe that it's already been a year since we moved into the current apartment. And to be honest, I can't wait to get out of this place. It's not been a great experience. To be honest, when my buddy and I rented the place, we should have done more research, but time was a factor and it was cheap. I'm quite excited to be moving, not only to a place much closer to where I now work, but that isn't filthy, doesn't have broken stair, doesn't have trash piled up around the dumpsters, doesn't have rats as big as dachshunds, and doesn't have a bunch of children who don't have the sense to get out of the way of cars (amongst other things these little brats do around here). Mostly though, it's just really nice to finally be in a career path that pays enough to afford the place I'm moving to.

All that being said, though, oh my gods to I hate packing! To be fair, Roxanne has done 90% of the packing while I've been at work this past week. But still, just looking at the stacks of boxes is rediculous. We bought three ten packs of boxes from Office Depot (you know, the ones that come with the lids that are supposed to be for storing files). We've managed, just barely, to not (yet) open the third pack. Our lives are all in boxes now, except for a few essentials and things we still need access to for the next couple of days (like the PC I’m writing this blog on right now). So, after tonight, we'll be eating take out for supper so we can get all the rest of the kitchen stuff cleaned and packed. Tuesday night I'll take apart the PC (yes, I still use a tower, not a laptop). And Wednesday morning we'll get up early to make sure any last minute stuff is packed before the movers arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 that morning.

The decision to hire 'Two Guys and a Truck' was pretty easy. Moving in the middle of the week makes it rather difficult (dare I say, impossible) to get anyone to help (I'm not hatin'. I get it. People have to work during the week). So, yeah, they would've even done all the packing for us too. But let's be honest. They charge $125 per hour with a two hour minimum and then charge by the quarter after thereafter. So, I will be that guy that handles a fair amount of boxes myself to speed up the process. Their being hired to take care of the furniture, primarily, because, well, they have a truck and I can't lift the couch by myself.

So, hopefully, all will go smooth, we'll get everything moved in on Wednesday, mostly unpacked and the cable and internet hooked up at the new place on Thursday and I'll be right back to blogging next Sunday without having to miss a week. So, until then...

~ JC
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