Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some Chaotic Commentary

I started this blog on September 24, 2006. Until I went back and looked, I didn't realize I had been posting here for that long. Prior to this blog, I had one on LiveJournal (I don't remember when I started that one, only that it was deleted in May 2008). I've never written a blog for anyone other than myself, honestly. I've always enjoyed the act of writing and found it to be cathartic. I named it “... Chaotic Commentary” because I didn't want to be limited to a particular topic. As I've mentioned in the past, my friend Jimmy once commented that he could tell when everything was going well, because I hadn't updated the blog in awhile. I had always used this public forum to vent frustration or rant about things. Since then I've endeavored to try to write more often about a variety of topics from gaming to observations about life to reviews of books, movies, music, etc. to, well, whatever was on my mind at the time good or ill.

Over the years I've had large gaps in posting from time to time. For 2012 I decided (even though I didn't announce it, or make a “New Year's Resolution” to do so) that I wanted to try to actually end up with 52 posts – writing a blog once a week on Sundays. A lofty goal, perhaps, but it does give me something to do on Sunday mornings while I'm having my coffee.

In a lot of ways, Jimmy was right. It easier to find something to inspire my writing when I'm pissed off, and lately, I've not been all that pissed off. My more recent posts have been about moving from NC to GA, job hunting, apartment hunting, friends I've made since moving to Atlanta, beginning a new career, friends lost, games played, shitty traffic, and all sorts of other nonsense. I'll admit that the rise of Facebook caused my blogging to slow down a bit, as I've been able to share things there without having to hammer out an entire blog post. But sharing things on social media outlets just isn't the same as sitting down with a head full of thoughts and ideas and actually writing.

So, this morning, even though I have no specific topic in mind (I've written enough, for now, about house hunting I think) I write. For no other reason than because I freakin' felt like it.

~ JC
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