Sunday, March 23, 2008

Once Easter's Gone, They're Gone

Today is Easter Sunday; that day that Christians buy new clothes and go to church to celebrate the resurrection of their Saviour, Jesus. For some of them, it's the only day of the year that they set foot in a church. However, I'm not here to discuss that. I'm writing, instead of a much more important topic; the Cadbury Creme Egg.

These wonderful confectionery delights are only available for a few months out of the year, from January 1 to Easter. Does this seem fair to you? To further our torture, the folks at Cadbury-Schwepps have launched multiple variations of the addictive treat. According to Wikipedia, these variations include the mini-creme eggs, caramel eggs, mini-caramel eggs, orange creme eggs and chocolate creme eggs, to name just the ones I've been able to find in local stores.

I've often wondered why these wonderful candies are only available for such a limited time, when they seem to be so popular. Like most folks, I discovered the Cadbury Creme Egg when I was but a youth, but my love for them has carried over into my adulthood. The only good thing about their limited availability that I can think of, is that the day after Easter they'll go on sale for half price and I can stock up and store them in the refrigerator for several weeks (if my addiction will allow them to last that long). In fact, I don't know which addiction is worse, the Eggs or Krispy Kreme Donuts? Personally, I love the original, but being a bit of a caramel junky, it was an exciting day when I found out they were making the caramel version. My fiancée disagrees, however and would rather have just the originals; Ok, so more caramel eggs for me then! I can live with that.

But tell me friends and gentle readers, which do you prefer? Leave a comment and share your love for the Cadbury Creme Egg in all it's various and sundry versions.

Oh yeah, before I forget, Happy Easter!

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