Sunday, September 09, 2012

Bachelor Pad

As of around an hour ago, I’m a bachelor again... well, for a week anyway. Roxanne has headed to North Carolina to visit her Mom and go with her to a couple of doctor appointments for which she needs someone to be with her to drive her home afterwards. Nothing horribly major, but the meds will make Mom kind of loopy for a few days, and with Roxanne’s brother being away at college and her Dad being a truck driver and out on the road right now, Roxanne was really the only one available to help.

So, that leaves me home alone for a week. I get the whole bed to myself. I can make whatever I want for supper (including pizza rolls). I can hang out in my underwear (or less) if I want. Then again, I could kind of already do all that even if Roxanne was here.

Truth is, I miss her already. It’s funny how one starts to think how cool it will be to have the house to one’s self for an entire week, but in rather short order one realizes that it actually kind of sucks.

At any rate, it’s only around 9:15 AM and I’m already thinking about having pizza rolls for breakfast while watching last night’s episode of “Doctor Who” on the DVR. Why? Because I can. :-P

~ JC
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