Sunday, September 23, 2012

I’d Rather Be Writing

Somewhere around ten plus years ago, I started writing a fantasy novel. To date, not a single chapter is complete. I also starting writing a vampire story. Again, not a single chapter is complete. Over the years I’ve used this blog as a poultice on the wound that is my lack of creativity for writing fiction.

I think it’s safe to say that my desire to write fiction, particularly fantasy, stems from when I was in Jr. High and started playing Dungeons & Dragons. There was always that thought that whatever adventure we were playing would make a great novel. And, they might have, except for the fact that most D&D games I’ve run were based on published materials and were only slightly modified to fit our campaign.

No, I don’t fancy I’ll ever manage to write a bestseller that will net me speaking engagements at various cons or get turned into an HBO series. But, at least I have my little blog to keep me occupied on Sundays.

~ JC

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